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 New Feed Back System

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PostSubject: New Feed Back System   Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:59 pm

This isn't regulaer feedback, but WebkinzPlace has a New System on your profile. "FeedBack" We have made this secure. Here is how it works, You do a trade. After the trade you think about your feedback. Send it to that person and send a copy To KayKay. And She will go into your Feedback and say what that person said about your feedback. (I will know if you are cheating on this, so it is secure. I can go into your account, see what you've done. If its really bad on adding positive ir earsing negative, I will know. The consequences are of you do this. [Earse all Positive Anf Neatreal feedback and banning fored 5 days.] Remeber I know what your doing!)
If you any questions please contact KayKay.
SmileyMileyWebkinz is in charge of Trusted Traders. After we talk about it you will
no longer contact me about 'Trading'.

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New Feed Back System
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